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 Making music, making memories, 

 making friends 

At Keynotes Birmingham, we believe that music changes peoples' lives. Our community grows and thrives because of our core aims:


Better Together

Our beginners learn in small groups, allowing them to feel connected and part of something bigger from their very first lesson. When everyone is learning something new together, you don’t feel so lonely when you’re struggling to get it right. Our curriculum is carefully structured to provide support and challenge for all of our students, so they can find the joy in being part of something bigger than just themselves, no matter what their level. 

Learning for Life

We promote and model resilience, teamwork, focus, independence, confidence - the list goes on. Being part of a group allows children to have more independence and control over the speed at which they progress through the challenges. We also provide videos to support practise each week which means the learning doesn't have to stop when the lesson does!

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