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 Making music, making memories, making friends 

At Long Mynd Music Academy, we believe that music changes peoples' lives. Our community grows and thrives because of our 3 core aims:

Creating Rockstars

Emotional well-being is SO important for our young people. Music gives us an outlet to deal with our emotions and can build us up to feel like ROCKSTARS! 

Band of teenage musicians playing agains

Better Together

Our beginners learn in small groups, allowing them to feel connected and part of something bigger from their very first lesson. When everyone is learning something new together, you don’t feel so lonely when you’re struggling to get it right. Our ensemble and rock band programmes cater for complete beginners up to advanced players giving our students the experience of playing with a range of instrumentalists, finding the joy in being part of something bigger. 

Learning for Life

We promote and model resilience, teamwork, focus, independence, confidence - the list goes on. A big part of this is our new ‘Music Meet-up’ model where students can come along for an hour a week and practise together, getting teacher and other student input, develop their theory skills and socialise with their fellow musicians. 

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